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Award-winning Toronto musician Teresa Hart's fourth CD sky + air follows up on 2014's breakthrough CD I Want Your Fire.

Sky + Air continues the upward trajectory of this fine singer/songwriter's recording career, and shows her firing on all cylinders. Channeling her personal feelings from rocky relationships and other life-altering experiences, Teresa hits the mark on tracks like ‘What Are You Waiting For.’ ‘You Make Me Want To Party’ and ‘Hypnotize’ come from finding a new lease on life with new friends and experiences. Sky + Air contains a mix of pop, R&B and ambient chill landscapes. It has a sense of yearning and sadness but always a glimmer of hope and fun.

Teresa's draws inspiration from a lot of the new music her and her

friends listen to. Lana Del Ray, Sam Smith, Best Coast, Lily Wood and the Prick have been big influences, but her music most certainly has a unique feel all of its own.

“I found with this album I just wanted to tell it like it is with no candy-coating the sound and emotion,” says Hart. “I try to have empathy for the struggle of the human condition and I needed this album to be very true and honest. I used a lot of first takes to capture the mood the way I was feeling it.” Consider it mission accomplished.

Teresa has performed in both Canada and the U.S. and she has a live Toronto date coming up at The Opera House on May 22nd.

Teresa Hart's music is available on iTunes.